New Guest Room Trend

Hospitality trends change every year. We saw the rise and fall of chocolate mints on pillows, elevator operator personnel, and high-call use of in-room telephones. As a hospitality telephony company, you wouldn’t expect us to say that, but it is the truth. In-room telephony went from a luxury in-room service to a safety and liability tool. That is all about to change.

We at Percipia have poured many hours into bringing the luxury telephony experience back into your guest rooms. We have married the in-room telephony and mobility experience together, in perfect harmony. Mobility has been the hottest tool for the past few years, which is why it is crucial for hotels, resorts, casinos, and racetracks to offer in-room mobile applications. Placing a tablet in a guest room isn’t good enough; it still makes the guest feel isolated. Imagine a guest using your all-in-one device, with their name displayed on the top of your mobile app. Guest can check their loyalty points, use a directory to call anyone at the property, order room service, and even clear their information upon checkout.

For the sake of transparency, in-room telephones are not going anywhere, anytime soon. You simply cannot offer a hospitality-centric experience without human interaction. That is what telephones offer.

Mobile apps are becoming necessary for all types of properties. We have completely digitized your compendium, giving you the power to live-update your area attractions and send a push notification that your bar is offering a discount on appetizers. When used correctly, mobile apps are a revenue-generator. Our clients’ marketing departments love in-room apps!

The future of guest room technology has already been created. This minor upgrade will set your property apart in a major way, bringing back a personalized hospitality experience.


– Kal MacDonald, Percipia Director of Business Operations



The Five Best Hotel Phones from Cetis

Insight from the people who sell them.

Teledex, Telematrix, and Scitec

In today’s marketplace hotel telephones have grown increasingly competitive. Style, features and functionalities play an important part in why some phones are better than others, however what really makes a great hotel phone is the company behind the device. Cetis has long been recognized as the largest distributor of phones for the hospitality industry and there’s a reason for it – the longevity of their products. Whether it is Teledex, Telematrix, or Scitec – there is a very large chance you will walk into a hotel and find one of the three aforementioned products at the bedside table or desk. Here’s a look at the top 5 hotel phones from Cetis…

5). Coming in at number 5 is the Scitec Aegis Series Phones. These phones are extremely cost effective and reliable for any property. Scitec presents a simple design and comes with the trusted Cetis ingenuity, making this phone a perfect fit for economy style properties.


4). Ranking at number 4 is the Teledex USB E Series phone. This is a very slick and compact device that allows your customer to have two point of, this device is perfect for hotels looking for a more modern vibe. The E Series is a great choice for upscale and upper midscale style properties.


3). Sliding in at number 3 is the Teledex M Series Bluetooth phone. The M Series is arguably the most technology driven device that Cetis offers today. With Bluetooth capability, speakers that rival most iPod players, new-age design and USB ports for guest connectivity, this phone is the perfect fit for Luxury style hotels and resorts.


2). Beating out the M Series for the number 2 spot is the legendary Teledex Diamond Series phone. This is the most popular phone from Cetis. With millions of these devices installed around the world, this phone is arguably the most solidly built phone on the planet. This device is perfect for every property, no matter the scale!


1). Coming in at number 1, is the Telematrix 9600 Series Phone. This device is completely customizable. With multiple color inserts available to fit the style of every property, this phone is truly the best choice for any style property. With hotels and hotel owners trying to separate themselves from the competition, the Cetis Telematrix 9600 Series phone is the best device for you to stand out from your competition.


No matter the style property, Cetis has something for all your phone needs! For all inquiries please email: or call: 800.806.0408 ext. 105.