New Guest Room Trend

Hospitality trends change every year. We saw the rise and fall of chocolate mints on pillows, elevator operator personnel, and high-call use of in-room telephones. As a hospitality telephony company, you wouldn’t expect us to say that, but it is the truth. In-room telephony went from a luxury in-room service to a safety and liability tool. That is all about to change.

We at Percipia have poured many hours into bringing the luxury telephony experience back into your guest rooms. We have married the in-room telephony and mobility experience together, in perfect harmony. Mobility has been the hottest tool for the past few years, which is why it is crucial for hotels, resorts, casinos, and racetracks to offer in-room mobile applications. Placing a tablet in a guest room isn’t good enough; it still makes the guest feel isolated. Imagine a guest using your all-in-one device, with their name displayed on the top of your mobile app. Guest can check their loyalty points, use a directory to call anyone at the property, order room service, and even clear their information upon checkout.

For the sake of transparency, in-room telephones are not going anywhere, anytime soon. You simply cannot offer a hospitality-centric experience without human interaction. That is what telephones offer.

Mobile apps are becoming necessary for all types of properties. We have completely digitized your compendium, giving you the power to live-update your area attractions and send a push notification that your bar is offering a discount on appetizers. When used correctly, mobile apps are a revenue-generator. Our clients’ marketing departments love in-room apps!

The future of guest room technology has already been created. This minor upgrade will set your property apart in a major way, bringing back a personalized hospitality experience.


– Kal MacDonald, Percipia Director of Business Operations



Percipia is a Platinum Partner with Cetis phones!

CETISAs a Platinum reseller of Cetis Teledex, Telematrix, and Scitec phones, Percipia can offer a great price as well as free shipping*, programming, and faceplates for orders of 50 or more of the same model.

If you’re looking to buy phones for your hotel, contact us on our website and our sales representatives can help you sift through dozens of phones and find the perfect model!

Cetis phones offer great features such as OneTouch, USB Charging, and Battery Backup.  OneTouch technology enables the guest to check their messages with a single touch of the blinking red voice mail key.  With this hands-free voicemail retrieval, guests hear their messages loud and clear over the telephone speaker or handset for privacy.  Communicate with your guests and instantly blast hotel messages. Many Cetis phones are also equipped with USB Charging.  Why waste money on USB equipped furniture that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Allow your guests to charge their phones right by their bedside with the accessible USB Charging station built into select Cetis phones!    Also, be prepared for a power outage with Battery Backup.  All cordless phones require power to keep the radio alive that allows the base phone to work with the cordless handsets. In the event of a power outage cordless base units will typically function on standard line-power in speaker mode, however, for added convenience we offer a battery backup solution that keeps the radio alive, allowing the guest to use the phone in speaker mode or with any of the cordless handsets that are synchronized to the base*.

*Free shipping within the US
*Courtesy of 

Please welcome our newest employee, Andrew, to the team!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


It is always nerve-racking coming into a new company and trying to break the ice. Ensuring that new employees feel comfortable is crucial to building a positive transition within a company. We thought it would be fun to ask Andrew a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Q: What is your official work title?

A: Systems Support Specialist

Q: Can you tell us more about your professional experience/history?

A: I first started with a job at the UIC Bookstore helping sell computers and occasionally help repair computers. I then moved to working at Micro Center and repairing computers for them full time.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Outside of work I practice archery and participate in various archery events when time allows. When I have less time I will play video games with my friends or binge watch Netflix.

Q: What is your greatest travel experience?

A: Probably traveling to the Philippines, it has been a while since I have been there but seeing the beautiful landscape contrasted with shanty towns was an eye opening experience for my younger self. I got to stay with family over there and experience a ton of things I normally wouldn’t go out and do myself.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Recently, I loved Rogue One. Though my all time favorite has to be Caddyshack, the original one!

Q: Guilty pleasure music artist?

A: This is hard, I have to say that my guilty pleasure is listening to certain Green Day albums.

Q: What is something that inspires you?

A: How the actions of a few visionary people can impact a whole industry and society. It really shows that individual action can still have a huge impact in today’s ever more interconnected world.

Q: What would you say your professional goal would be now that you are employed at Percipia?

A: My professional goal at Percipia is to grow my knowledge of the various technologies surrounding the hospitality industry and to apply my current skills to help the company grow.


Jen’s first HITEC!

I had a great time at this year’s HITEC 2017 in Toronto!  As my first HITEC, I found the experience invaluable when it comes to learning about the industry.  We received a warm welcome from the Fairmont Royal York Hotel where we were staying.  The hotel was conveniently next to the Metro Toronto Convention Center where the show was being held.  We had team drinks at the Library Bar in the hotel the first night.  This historic hotel has been host to Queen Elizabeth (and now our Percipia team!).   

The opening party was a great way to kick off the week and network.  The Beach Paris Club was an excellent indoor/outdoor space for this event and featured fun activities like a giant Light Brite, surf simulation, photo wall, drinks, and food stations!  

Day two was our first day of exhibiting. Seeing our booth come to life was really rewarding.  We had a steady flow of curious attendees coming to the booth all day, and our mobility station was a hit!  The Ubiquiti phones, iPads, and tablets hosting our Latitude app were definitely a crowd favorite.  

Later that night we were able to see some of the sights in Toronto.  Casa Loma, a Gothic Revival style house constructed for Sir Henry Pellatt is a must-see.  Krissy, Douglas, and I enjoyed listening to the symphony play in the castle gardens.  We also were able to freely tour around the massive castle which has been the host for over 15 movies!  

During Day three of the trade show, I ventured out with Douglas to visit some of the other booths on the floor.   The show had a diverse collection of cutting-edge hotel technology. We saw everything from cyber-security, to touch-screen mirrors, to fitness centers for your hotel room.

After the show, I went to few more places in Toronto.  I visited some public parks, Osgoode Hall, watched part of a Blue Jay’s game at the Renaissance (the bar is right in the stadium!), ate dinner the CN Tower, and saw the Toronto sign.   

By the last day of the show, I was really impressed by how far some of our visitors had traveled.  I was fortunate to talk to attendees from all over, including the Caribbean, Australia, and India.   A common theme throughout the show was how to improve the guest experience.   Showcasing how our products improve their guests’ experience and their property’s efficiency was the best part of the show.  Whether using demos, videos from our Youtube channel or having a sit-down conversation in the booth, HITEC Toronto was a great opportunity to give our clients the immersive product experience they needed.


Percipia Adds Operator Solution to Frequency PBX


Chicago, IL, June 27, 2017 – Percipia, the U.S. based leader in hospitality telephony integration, has announced a new major addition to their Frequency PBX system, Frequency Operator. Frequency Operator will allow a visual display of telephony activity for receptionists, call centers, and supervisors. The web-based software allows for interactive phone controls and a real-time overview of admin extension status.

As software developers, we are always looking forward to updating and enhancing our products, said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. Our new PBX Operator solution is a highly desired addition that many clients will appreciate and utilize. Being able to manage calls from a computer will make property response time more efficient and make your guests happier.

The Operator solution will enhance the operator’s experience with seamless voice transfers. Whether clients have one or multiple properties, Frequency Operator can manage all incoming calls across multiple Frequency PBX systems. Frequency Operator is available on the latest release of Frequency PBX.

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry. Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience. For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at


Percipia Selected for Membership in Avaya DevConnect Program

avayapercipia.pngChicago, IL, June 26, 2017 – Percipia, a leader in hospitality telephony solutions, today announced it has been selected by Avaya for membership as a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program. Avaya is a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services. Avaya solutions enable customer and team engagement across multiple channels and devices for better customer experience, increased productivity and enhanced financial performance.

Percipia is the developer of Parallax hospitality suite, Precision voice mail and Informant call accounting software, an application family that integrates Avaya IP Office and property management systems (PMS) to help create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests and staff. As a DevConnect Technology Partner, Percipia expects to deliver proven interoperability of their solutions with the Avaya IP Office Platform, so companies can provide their guests with check-in, check-out, wake-up calls, housekeeping updates, and many other hospitality functionalities. When coupled with call accounting software, hotel staff have access to a powerful analytical call data and report solution that can help them provide better customer service.

The Avaya DevConnect program promotes the development, compliance-testing and co-marketing of innovative third-party solutions that are compatible with standards-based Avaya solutions. Member organizations have expertise in a broad range of capabilities ? spanning collaboration, management, analytics, reporting and communications-enabled business process applications ? helping joint customers extend the value of their collaboration and contact center investments and accelerate the speed at which their organization delivers true value to the bottom line.

I am excited that Percipia has joined the Avaya DevConnect program as a Technology Partner, said Michael Velasquez, CEO of Percipia. Our hospitality software will help Avaya IP Office customers streamline their hospitality operations while enhancing the guest experience.

The Avaya DevConnect program currently includes thousands of software and hardware developer companies, integrators, service providers and customers. Members have created a broad array of innovative solutions tested for Avaya compliance, including natural language speech recognition applications, mobile and emergency notification services, specialized computer telephony integration and reporting capabilities, and applications tailored for specific vertical industries.

Through the DevConnect program, Avaya provides companies with a wide range of technical education, access and support for many Avaya platforms and interfaces, often at no cost to Registered members.?Technology Partners receive additional benefits in terms of in-depth, joint compliance testing activities and co-marketing support, based on their alignment with Avaya strategy and value offered to Avaya customers. DevConnect Technology Partners like Percipia must meet rigorous criteria for customer satisfaction, product support, business operations, marketing and sales.

Technology Partners like Percipia help Avaya customers maximize their investments in hospitality communication solutions, said Eric Rossman, vice president, Developer Relations, Avaya. We are pleased to have Percipia join our developer community.

Membership information and a listing of solutions developed and tested under the DevConnect program are available at

About Avaya

Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations. As the global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications with integrated, secure networking? offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today’s digital world requires some form of communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya. For more information, please visit

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry. Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience. For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at



Summer With Boyd


It’s that time of year again!  Summer has arrived and everyone you know is booking fabulous getaways.  If you can’t wait to shake off the winter blues with an exciting vacation, look no further than Boyd Gaming for your next destination!  


Boyd Gaming is one of the largest and most successful casino entertainment companies in the United States.   They have locations all over the country that offer great experiences like horse racing at Evangeline Downs, on-site spas at almost all of their hotels, golf packages for an active weekend, and, of course, an exceptional amount of thrilling casino nightlife!    


Find out what else Boyd Gaming’s 24 locations have to offer by visiting their website!  Plan the perfect trip today and fill your summer months with entertainment, relaxation, excitement, and unforgettable memories!

Team Travels to Blue Chip Casino

Blue Chip

Last week, the team visited Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.  Only an hour drive from our headquarters in Chicago, this property is northern Indiana’s leading regional entertainment destination.  Ian, Kal, and Kristine were at Blue Chip for a site survey and meet and greet with Gary and David, Blue Chip’s in-house IT team.    

“This property has a lot to offer. They have everything from a recently expanded hotel, casino,  spa, meeting space, and themed restaurants.  We ate at their Options Buffet for lunch which has a huge dessert bar.  The meeting went well and we are excited to be working with our new team at Blue Chip!”

-Kal, Business and Communications Manager, Percipia

Fun Fact:  Blue Chip has a stationary 402 ft long boat that can hold 6000 passengers.  Because of legislation banning dry-land casinos, riverboats were used as legal-gambling facilities as long as they were moving.  Now, however, the riverboats that are licensed to gamble are safely docked.  A channel was dug off of Trail Creek in Michigan City to accommodate the expansive vessel which now hosts Blue Chip Casino offices, and is connected to their 65,000 square foot casino.