Anyone can do call control, but what about integration?

There are over 10 major telephony systems within the hospitality industry, with over 50 property management systems worldwide; how do you offer a solution that allows for seamless integration between all systems?

The answer is Parallax.

With Percipia, you can integrate your phone system to your property management system (PMS), allowing for increased functionality your guests can benefit from.  Go above and beyond and offer your guests the white-glove experience they deserve.

  • Guest Information
  • Artboard 5.pngSecondary Check-in/out
  • Set Automated & VIP Wake-up Calls
  • Set and Override Do-Not-Disturb
  • Room Move & Swap
  • 911 Emergency Features
  • Caller ID
  • DID Assignment
  • Housekeeping Room Status Updates
  • PBX, PMS and VM’s Status Indicators
  • Housekeeping Status Report
  • Check-in/out Report
  • Mini-bar Report

Does your property allow guest to initiate a work order through HotSOS? Can you seamlessly display an itinerary built with ALICE concierge on your guest device? What about digitally order room service via a mobile application and send it to the hotel kitchen for processing with instant POS billing?

Percipia’s Parallax integration engine not only ties various telephony systems to any major PMS, but Parallax also interfaces to Concierge, Workflow Automation, Valet, Spa, Fitness, Point-of-Sale systems.

No matter the hotel brand, casino size or resort location, guests deserve the highest level of hospitable experience. Do you offer a seamless experience for your guests and staff?

When you get Frequency and Parallax,
you’re in good hands.

Percipia offers 24/7/365 support through our Annual Maintenance Contract. You can rest assured that Percipia has your back all year long, even on holidays!

Frequency PBX: Reliable, Scalable, Cost-Effective

These are the key characteristics your telephony system should have. With hospitality in mind, Frequency PBX was designed with Parallax hospitality gateway and Precision VoiceMail built-in. Not only will Frequency PBX control your guest room extensions, but it also powers all administrative phones to share information like guest caller ID and automatic wake-up calls.

Contact us for more information or
view the brochures below:

Artboard 6 copy

Artboard 6


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