Nomadix and Percipia: The speed you need



Nomadix delivers your guests the speed they need while pushing beyond a simple connection with Nomadix Access Gateways.

Artboard 18 copyPercipia and Nomadix transform your guest WiFi into a revenue-generating opportunity. What better place than a splash page to showcase your property amenities, and special events to boost your sales.

Celebrating 20 successful years, Nomadix offers a high-performance Public Access Gateway. Setup your Access Gateway to integrate with your PMS allowing a simple login for your guests. Why not create a room number and last name as a login and password– a password they won’t forget, and frustration they won’t experience. With Tiered Billing Features, offer faster speeds for a price as an additional revenue generator, or provide your guests with free high-speed as a perk or comp!Artboard 22

It’s vital to have full control of your Guest Wifi traffic – and that’s why the Nomadix gateway is key:

  •         Sync Guest Logins with your PMS for easy access
  •         Control access level bandwidth from Basic to VIP Conference rooms
  •         Apply fee base bandwidth upgrades
  •         Parental controls with content filters
  •         Block Illegal downloads, and malicious sites
  •         Tight hacking control (20 years in business and virus free)
  •         Block Wifi drive-by access and bandwidth hogging

Artboard 21Designed for scalability and renowned for its reliability. The Nomadix is built for hotels, meeting rooms and convention centers. The AG 5900 features flexibility to support 500 to 8,000 simultaneous devices – with a 3.5 gigabit per second throughput – just think of the possibilities.

Call now for additional information or an estimate and take back the control and security your guests deserve.

1-800-806-0408 Option 1

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