Percipia is a Platinum Partner with Cetis phones!

CETISAs a Platinum reseller of Cetis Teledex, Telematrix, and Scitec phones, Percipia can offer a great price as well as free shipping*, programming, and faceplates for orders of 50 or more of the same model.

If you’re looking to buy phones for your hotel, contact us on our website and our sales representatives can help you sift through dozens of phones and find the perfect model!

Cetis phones offer great features such as OneTouch, USB Charging, and Battery Backup.  OneTouch technology enables the guest to check their messages with a single touch of the blinking red voice mail key.  With this hands-free voicemail retrieval, guests hear their messages loud and clear over the telephone speaker or handset for privacy.  Communicate with your guests and instantly blast hotel messages. Many Cetis phones are also equipped with USB Charging.  Why waste money on USB equipped furniture that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Allow your guests to charge their phones right by their bedside with the accessible USB Charging station built into select Cetis phones!    Also, be prepared for a power outage with Battery Backup.  All cordless phones require power to keep the radio alive that allows the base phone to work with the cordless handsets. In the event of a power outage cordless base units will typically function on standard line-power in speaker mode, however, for added convenience we offer a battery backup solution that keeps the radio alive, allowing the guest to use the phone in speaker mode or with any of the cordless handsets that are synchronized to the base*.

*Free shipping within the US
*Courtesy of 

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