Employee Weight Loss Challenge

Being at work eight hours a day, five days a week can really take a toll on your body. A report from American Dietetic Association states that “Three out of five Americans are overweight,” which means there is likely more than one person in your office who is dieting. At Percipia some of the employees shared interest in a friendly work competition that would take place after work hours with weekly weigh-in and a short term goal.

Every Monday until June 1st employees that signed up for the program are required to weigh in so that they can keep their goal on track. It is very common to ruin your diet in the workplace with temptation like sweets laying around in candy dishes, or when coworkers invite you out to lunch to unhealthy restaurants. We have now developed a buddy system where coworkers rely on each other to get through the work day while staying on track with their individual fitness goals.

Friendly fitness competitions in the workplace develop a bond between employees. In many companies having a friendly work environment is hard to achieve, especially having a very diverse office with different departments all under one roof.

The Weight Loss Challenge has just begun and we will keep you posted with the fitness results.

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