At Percipia we believe our staff should have up-to-date LinkedIn profiles. It not only reflects them personally but reflects the company as a whole. You can see a glimpse of work atmosphere and how a company operates, just by searching personal and company profiles.

LinkedIn is a very powerful social media tool that connects the professional world together. Users are able to network with people in their field, look into company profiles, search who’s working for that company, what tasks they are doing, and search for jobs within that field. Your company is exposed to the world. Companies do not have control of what their employees post on LinkedIn or any other social media outlet, but at Percipia we help guide everyone to structure their profiles to best represent themselves and the company. We have someone on site that is able to assist all staff with the best guidance for social networking.

Michael Velasquez, CEO, has a perfect LinkedIn profile that best represents our company. He actively posts and keeps his profile up-to-date. In the professional world, it is very important to be on top of your industries news. You must be connected with the right profiles, so you can optimize your network.

Staying on top of notifications is crucial. Social media is 24/7 that means you can get a connection request, or an inbox message at any point. Users should look into responding to those messages daily. Notifications are like emails, you should respond to them asap, because you never know what the possibility could hold for that professional.

We would love for you to connect with us on our different social media outlets.  Click on our social icons on the side of the screen or search for Percipia.

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