Top Amenities

I recently traveled to Toledo, OH for a convention and I decided to stay at the same hotel that the convention was taking place at, the Ramada. Although my choices in hotels were limited, I wanted to stay at a place that offered great amenities. When I travel I always look for certain deal breakers for my stay. After a little digging I found I am not the only one that wants a mint on his pillow. Let’s break down the top amenities people are looking for when staying at a hotel.
*This survey was completed by Skift and American Express.

No. 4: Enrollment in Hotel’s Loyalty Programs

10.9% of survey’s say it is important to them to get rewarded. Many customers want to be reward for coming back to the same hotel chain. Whether that leads to a free gift, a free room upgrade, or a discount on their current or next stay.

No.3: Free Breakfast

Although this is one of my top deal breakers, 25.5% of surveys think that free continental breakfast is a must with their stay. I am a breakfast person; I think it is important for me to get a great meal before I start my day with meetings or workshops. It is nice when a breakfast is free when I stay at the hotel.

No.2: Close to Meeting/ Conference

When I traveled to Toledo, the last thing I wanted to do was travel to another hotel. 28.2% found it important for them to be either in the same location or relatively close. It was nice to be able to walk back to my room between workshops to freshen up. It makes for a more relaxing stay.

No.1: Free Wi-Fi

I think this is thee most important amenity that a hotel must have; it is an absolute a deal breaker. 35.2% of survey’s said this is the most important. If you are traveling whether it is for work or play, you will utilize the internet. With technology playing a huge role in our lives, having Wi-Fi is important for many to have a pleasant stay. I know I completed some work when I was out of town and that wouldn’t have been possible without the Wi-Fi that was provided to me free from Ramada.
A special thank you goes to Ramada Toledo for making my stay smooth and comfortable.

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