How to spot a Hipster Hotel!

The hipster hotel is a hotel that specifically caters to qualities that hipsters prefer like mustaches and single speed bikes.  If you’re like me, you may need some guidance to understand the defining features of this particular taste to recognize a hipster hotel when you see it.
That being said, I have put together a list of features to look for and some examples of the trendiest hipster hotels around.
Typically, you can expect this type of hotel to be located in an up-and-coming neighborhood, after all location is everything.  Expect this location to provide an environment where guests can interact with local restaurants, bars, and culture during their stay.
Hipster hotels tend to favor “industrial chic” design. This is easily achieved by converting and preserving old factories and other historical buildings into hotels.  By leaving the building’s structural elements exposed, the space may look like a project unfinished. But to the avid hipster steel beams, concrete floors, and brick walls illuminate pure aesthetic beauty at its finest!
Expect to see vintage furniture and retro art within guest rooms.  Rooms usually are equipped with the newest and coolest technology.  Flat screen TV’s, iPod docs and stellar sound systems are common place.  
So now that you know what to look for here are a few of our top “hipster” hotels…
The trailblazing Ace Hotel located in Portland, Oregon has been considered one of the first to start making style a priority over space or luxury.  Guest rooms feature night stands made out of stacked books or suitcases, the property is pet friendly, and to top it all off they serve organic breakfast!  Ace is centrally located for visitors to explore all of Portland, and they even rent out custom made bikes for guest’s convenience.  
Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas is another notorious hipster hotel. In this hotel you can find concrete floors and flat screen TVs.  The hotel has a large outdoor courtyard that invites locals and guests to mix and mingle.  They also have a ton of options available to patrons- guests can check out, video collections, Polaroid cameras, bicycles, and typewriters! Talk about something for everyone!
Last but not least on our list is the Wythe hotel in New York.  Located in Brooklyn this eco-friendly and locally furnished hotel caters to musicians and even provides rehearsal space to bands staying at the hotel.  It also features a roof top bar, in-room sound systems, flat screen TVs, complimentary WiFi, and a screening room for local artists and events to showcase their work.
Now that you know how to spot a hipster hotel, consider booking one for your next vacation!

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