Tips to getting the most out of your hotel stay!

We have gathered some of the best and easiest tips on ways to get the most out of your next hotel stay, and they may be more realistic than you may have thought!
First (and hopefully common sense) be sure to remain positive and put forward your best attitude when working with the hotel staff.  Odds are the concierge or hotel attendant is going to be more willing to make your stay more memorable and throw in something extra if you are pleasant to work with.  So be sure to “kill ‘em with kindness”!
If you are looking to get a better rate at a hotel you should look at the hotel’s prices on their website and then call them directly.  When you are speaking to a real person it is much easier to negotiate room rates and ask if the hotel has any daily specials.  A privately owned hotel is also more likely to work with you on a room rate since they have more control over their prices vs. hotel chains whose rates are fixed.
If you are staying at a hotel for a special occasion, don’t be shy! If it is your birthday or if you are celebrating a new engagement or anniversary let the front desk know when you check-in.  Generally hotel policies allow staff to offer upgrades when they have the space available so it doesn’t hurt to ask.
Try giving a new hotel a visit.  Hotels that have recently opened are looking to build a client base and in doing so will grant upgrades and perks to keep you coming back for more.  Keep in mind the more a hotel has to offer (restaurants, bars, room service), the more perks are waiting to be handed out.
So just remember to be strategic with your requests.  Keep your conversations private and don’t go bragging about your upgrade when other guests can hear you.  Be grateful, relax, and enjoy your stay!
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