What to expect in an all-inclusive resort vacation?!?!

We took a look at the “all-inclusive” vacation option and have some insight that may help you decide if it’s the right way to escape the everyday!
Although deals vary, typically you can expect an all-inclusive resort to include the hotel accommodations, 3 meals a day plus snacks, all beverages (including the margaritas), various water activities, nightly onsite entertainment, and all taxes and gratuities.  
One great advantage of the all-inclusive vacation is it helps you stick to your budget.  You won’t have any surprises when you get home and open the credit card bill (as long as your purchases are within the package guidelines).  This also gives you the freedom to explore the resorts menus and try new foods that may otherwise be out of your price range – especially since resorts have made excellent improvements to their menus. Dining in paradise has become a gourmet experience featuring fresh foods and local delicacies.
The all-inclusive resort vacation is also great for couples or families because many resorts today have on and offsite activities included in their deals.  Popular activities range from golf, tennis, zip lining, snorkeling trips, climbing walls, kayaking and many more. 
If you are the kind of traveler who likes to explore the local culture while on a vacation you may want to pass on the all-inclusive resort.  The more meals outside the premise the more you are spending.  But if you want a getaway and plan on staying poolside this setup is perfect!
A tip for those of you itching to book your next all-inclusive vacation – pay attention to the time of year you are booking.  Notoriously all-inclusive resort rates plummet during hurricane season in efforts to attract guests.  The busy seasons are March and April for spring breakers, and Christmas and New Years for the holiday rush. 
So there you have it! Now you can hit the ground running when you begin planning your next or first all-inclusive resort vacation!   

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