National Parks- Perfect for spring travel

After this winter’s record shattering cold, everyone we talk to is ready for spring time and warm weather.  Once the snow starts to melt our beloved national parks will begin to reopen for another season full of all nature’s glory.

Did you know that the United States National Park system protects over 400 areas, covering nearly 84 million acres of land? 

The U.S. was actually the first country to establish a national park when congress established Yellowstone National Park through the Act of March 1st 1872.  This event started a worldwide movement to preserve our most beautiful and unique natural treasures.  Today, over 100 nations are home to more than 1,200 protected spaces.

We have put together a handful of national parks that we think are especially charming to visit during April and May.  Topping off our list is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. 

This National Park is home to over 1,500 different flowering species.  Appropriately nicknamed “Wildflower National Park” the Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited national park in the country.  During the third week in April it draws visitors for the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.  The event features wildflowers (of course), history walks, art classes, and photo tours.

Yosemite National Park in California has spectacular waterfalls during the spring due to the runoff water from melting snow.  Coloring the area luscious shades of green, everywhere you look provides a stunning view.  The dogwood blossoms seem to be especially sought after by many visitors towards the end of April and early May.

We all know Colorado for its popular spring ski season, but you can also check out Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Located southwest of Colorado Springs this park has dunes that are 750 feet tall!  Visitors can hike, ski, and even snowboard down the sand dunes.  Spring is particularly prime time to visit this park when the sand is still cool. 

The final national park to make our list is Glacier National Park in Montana.  Spring time isn’t the warmest time of year to visit, but it still draws in outdoor enthusiasts.  Once the famous road “Going to the Sun Road” is plowed clear and before it is opened to motorized vehicles cyclists have a field day riding along the 50 mile path.  You can expect to see more wildlife than people for a surreal experience.

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