Hospitality Health & Wellness

Lately we have been sharing a lot of articles about the health and wellness trend emerging in the hospitality industry. We thought it would be a great idea to share them all here to keep you up on the newest and coolest innovations.
The Westin Hotel recently announced the launch of a 15 million dollar wellness campaign.  The Westin along with several others are seeking to provide their guests with a more balanced life when away from home.  So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure you can maintain your usual routine of a nutritious diet and fitness regimen.
For the Westin this is going to include having “running concierges” to take you on a local morning run and the Hotel is even going to lend you a pair of sneakers if you forgot to pack them!
The most spectacular health and wellness effort we have seen yet is the hotel brand “Even Hotels” that is in the works.  Some of its noteworthy innovations include the option to have your room key in the form of a running bracelet.  This is geared to make it easier to do your fitness routine or daily run.
Even Hotels is also thinking of their seasoned business traveler when designing interior space – why not incorporate a space within the guest room for exercise equipment? This plan would provide guests with the privacy and convenience of their own personal space for exercise without ever having to leave the comfort of their hotel room!
Is juicing here to stay?
We think so! With the increase of demand for nutritious meals on-the-go hotels are offering the colorful drinks and jumping on the juicing trend! These drinks include health promoting ingredients like kale, red beets, ginger and carrots.
Several Four Seasons locations have juice menus and we are not talking about from concentrate! Also following suite is The Fairmont in Washington D.C. and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Is “health and wellness” just a trend?   

After combing our sources we think that these new innovations are going to become the norm! But remember it is ultimately up to the guest to make the decision to take advantage of these featured amenities.

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