The Smartwatch: Wearable Technology

The Galaxy Gear Note 3 smartwatch commercial caught my attention last year when it showcased a montage of clips of characters communicating via their “wrist watch”.  Dick Tracy and George Jetson are some iconic stars featured in the advertisement with the tag line “after all these years, it’s finally real.”
After doing some research on the wearable smartwatch of today I both really wanted one and decided I better hold off.  Why?  While the idea of the smart watch has been around for decades the technology is still being developed and improved.  More sophisticated operating systems and interactions with mobile devises are yet to be finessed.
A few noteworthy contenders that are sure to gain momentum are the Android Wear by google and the Pebble watch.
The Android Wear is more focused on notifications with Google’s virtual assistance software playing a significant role. Some features include displays of incoming messages such as texts and email, a voice command button, calendar reminders, and detects speed and distance traveled to cover the fitness angle.  
Pebble is compatible with both iphone and Android operating systems and their version of the “smart watch” also puts your favorite apps on your wrist. Similar to the Android Wear it displays notifications so you can see who is calling and get important emails and texts without having to pull out your phone. It has cool apps that allow you to play music in your car and has a silent alarm that only you will feel, so you don’t have to wake up your partner for an early morning meeting.
Is the “smartwatch” really the next big thing? 
We will have to sit tight as the innovations unroll. But I think a smartwatch would come in handy, especially when ones hands are full. When on a crowded train or rushing to the airport a smartwatch seems like a simple convenience that would make everyday life a little smoother.

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