St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

Chicago, Illinois, home to Percipia Networks Headquarters, will mark the 52nd year of dyeing the Chicago River green in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Saint Patrick’s Day has been observed by the Irish as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years and has been recognized and celebrated around the world for centuries. 
Did you know that the initial idea to color the river bright green was inspired by a sewage leak? Well actually the stained pair of overalls of a city plumber, who was in search of the leak he administered a dye into building pipes to pin point where the pipe entered the river.  A bright green dye made its way onto the plumber’s overalls while in front of Stephen M. Bailey, the Business Manager of the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union #110 (1962). After seeing the brilliant green stains Bailey let his imagination run wild as he pursued the venture to dye the river green as an addition to the years Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. 
And Bailey’s experiment was successful, even leaving the Chicago River green for a whole week during its 1962 debut.  Over half a century later the tradition lives on.  People travel from near and far to be part of the celebration in Chicago.  The privately funded Saint Patrick’s Day festivity is scheduled to begin this year at 9:30am on Saturday March 15th, with the parade to follow at 12pm.  And with the record breaking cold weather this year spectators are bound to also get a glimpse of green ice!
Today the green river only lasts for a handful of hours, so if you are in the Chicago area be sure to check it out!  

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