Startups Go Global

Chicago is known as a city where startups can thrive. Companies that have made it stick around to invest in and mentor other companies just starting out. Chicago’s reputation as a startup hub means it’s part of a global community, with Chicagoans not only investing in their own city, but around the world as well.

Troy Henikoff, managing director of Techstars Chicago (a startup accelerator), recently traveled to New Zealand to offer seminars on different business strategies and collaborate with startups there. Entrepreneurs in New Zealand reached out to Henikoff after hearing about Chicago’s growing start up scene. Henikoff also met with the city council there and spoke at a local idea incubator, CreativeHQ. 

Chicago and San Francisco also work very closely together because it’s mutually beneficial. Sam Yagen, a Chicagoan and the CEO of is a mentor for the Founder Institute halfway across the country in San Francisco. Since both San Francisco and Chicago are known as startup hubs, it only makes sense for them to share their expertise.  


Today’s world is increasingly global and connected and the start up community reflects that. People can share ideas instantly from halfway around the world and collaborate to make all start ups more efficient. From Chicago to New Zealand, new ideas are popping up and it’s an exciting time to start your own company! 

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