Going for the Gold: Olympic Hotels

Want to go to the Olympic Games, but don’t have the time and money to fly all the way to Sochi? Many hotels are offering Olympic themed packages to appeal to guests who want to be part of all the excitement of the Olympics.
The Waldorf Astoria Park City in Utah is located just a short distance away from the Utah Olympic park, built for the 2002 Olympics. Today the park serves as a training center for athletes as well as a tourist destination. Skiers can fly down hills and skaters can train with U.S national speed skating member, Patrick Meek.
HighPeaks Resort’s claim to fame comes from the 1980 Olympics when the U.S hockey team defeated the Soviets in an intense game. The Lake Placid Olympic Center, where the game took place, is only a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The center isn’t just a part of history, professional figure skating and hockey events still take place there. And when there’s no one competing, the center also has an Olympic museum.
The Pierre, a hotel in NYC, is located across from historic Central Park and is a gorgeous old hotel. It also has its own lounge so guests can view the opening and closing ceremonies.
No matter where you choose to celebrate the Olympics, there is sure to be a hotel that suits your needs!

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