Paper Makes Facebook Cool Again

Facebook is still a big part of the social media landscape, but it’s not necessarily “cool” anymore. When anyone from parents to your puppy can have a Facebook, it’s hard to hold on to the cool factor. Paper, a new app that is already number 2 in the App Store, might just change all that.

Paper is an app designed to work with Facebook, and it’s visually filled with high quality photos and animations. It combines news with Facebook statuses, and images from your friends for a truly unique and personalized experience. 
It functions like a newspaper; the top has sections such as pop culture, sports, and Facebook. To look more inside a section you simply swipe over it and different stories from that section appear in the lower half of the screen. This app is revolutionary because you don’t need a sports app, a news app, and a Facebook app – all you need is Paper.

Paper could easily replace the original Facebook app because it lets you like and comment on friends statuses and do pretty much everything the Facebook app does. Right now Paper is only available for iOS devices, but if it continues to be a success Android phones should have access to it as well. This time next year you might not even need your Facebook app, all you might need is Paper.

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