New Hotel Trends: Portable Hotels

New York is full of vacant office buildings and owners are struggling to find clients for them. That’s where Pink Cloud Architecture comes in – they are a company that aims to turn empty skyscrapers into cool, trendy pop up hotels.


This type of hotel works by being in pop up form so it can be easily installed and dismantled, allowing office owners to easily transform their space into a hotel if the demand arises. The hotel comes prepackaged in color coded pieces, then the pieces are put in boxes designed to fit in elevators. The boxes contain everything needed for a complete hotel – from hotel rooms, to conference rooms, and even reception areas. People looking to open a pop up hotel can order only the parts they need online, creating a truly customized experience.


Pink Cloud’s design won first prize in the Radical Innovations in Hospitality contest this year and it’s easy to see why. This design could easily be used for Chicago too – imagine being able to create temporary hotels during peak tourist seasons!

For more information please visit

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