Social Media in the Sky

Today’s social media is everywhere. So it’s no wonder that airlines are now beginning to use social media to gain information about their customers’ preferences before they even step foot on the plane.

The airline Quantas is starting to monitor digital conversations in an effort to figure out flyers’ preferences using a technology from an Australian startup company called Local Measure. Local Measure’s technology works by using GPS coordinates. For example, a customer could Instagram a photo from an airport lounge and the airline would be instantly alerted allowing them to see what customers are eating or drinking in the airport. In return this information could be utilized by the airline making a traveler’s trip even more enjoyable.

Another advantage to using social media concerns customer satisfaction. If a customer makes a Facebook status or tweets about an issue they are having, the airline is instantly alerted about the problem as well as where the guest is located, allowing for a quick problem solved! Having customer assistance before even having to ask is something we’re definitely on board with!

Social media provides a way for companies to interact with their customers closely while gaining unbiased feedback. So the next time you take a trip be armed with your smart phone – you never know, social media could save the day!

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