Bubbli: Life in 360 Degrees

Imagine being able to take pictures with a 360 degree view – a picture so life like it feels like you’re actually there. Bubbli, a new app that was released this week, allows you to do just that. Traditional pictures are great, but they don’t capture the entire scene like Bubbli can.

Other apps like 360 Panorama and Sphere 360 Camera have tried to do this, but Bubbli takes it to the next level by taking video images and sound with what it refers to as “bubbles.” The app then seamlessly fuses video and sound together to make one panoramic shot. One user describes Bubbli as “Like a panorama but better… You can see the sky and hear the sound.” She took a “bubble” while at the Grand Canyon; giving her a truly 360 degree image to share with friends and family.

The app is free to download, but so far it’s only available on iOS devices. Once you download it, simply stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground to get an optimal view point for the camera. Make sure to hold the camera at eye level, look straight ahead, up and down, and then left to right to create the best 360 degree view.

To make it even easier, the app has “gray spots,” which you follow in order to complete your bubble.  If the gray spot doesn’t disappear on your first try, you can try to look up and down or left to right again. This app could revolutionize how people share pictures – why share a flat image when you can share a living, breathing 360 degree image?

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