Sharks and Suspended Suites: Dubai Hotels

Dubai is known for its decadence and its hotels are no exception. From the world’s highest suspended suite to a hotel with an aquarium for a ceiling, these hotels all compete by coming up with more and more creative ideas for hotel suites.
The St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort features the Royal Suite – a sprawling 2,100 square meter suite, which is the largest in Dubai and one of the largest in the world. The decorating style is inspired by the gorgeous beach below with toned down collars and stone and driftwood details. There’s also a spiral staircase, an outdoor pool, game room, and a spa complete with a sauna. 

The underwater suite at Atlantis the Palm has three floors which are separated by floor to ceiling windows, which gives guests a truly unique view. The room also has window views of a huge aquarium, which has 65,000 sea creatures, so you can fall asleep while sharks, stingrays and angel fish swim above your head. And of course the suite comes complete with a 24/7 butler.

The Grand Ski Chalet at the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is across from Ski Dubai, which is one of the world’s largest indoor skiing resorts. The suite looks more like a home in the Alps with wood finishes than a suite in Dubai, one of the hottest places on earth. The ski resort also features penguins shipped in from Sea World.

The Abu Dhabi Suite at the St. Regis Hotel is the world’s highest suspended suite. It won’t open to guests until later this year, but you can see it now suspended 200 meters above the ground between the hotel’s two towers. The views are phenomenal and the inside is just as decadent with 24 carat gold accents, leather wall tiles and sparkling crystals.

All of these hotels are dramatic and over the top, making them a once in a lifetime experience. If you ever get the chance to visit one of these, you too could be sleeping with sharks or skiing when it’s 100 degrees outside!

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