Chicago & The Next Big Idea

Chicago is a huge city with millions of people, many of them with big ideas. This makes Chicago the perfect place for new startups to make their mark. Chicago is also home to The Merchandise Mart, the largest commercial building in the world and a premier location for businesses in nearly every industry. Within “The Mart” you can find 1871 – a nearly 50,000 square foot hub where web and mobile startup companies currently reside.1871 provides work space and access to mentors and educational resources to inspire the next big thing.
From an epicenter like The Merchandise Mart to educational institutions, Chicago is home to multiple “think-tanks”. The Health, Technology, Innovation Hub at the University of Illinois at Chicago is expected to open by the end of this year and will be a proof of concept center for research in biological science. The office and laboratory space is available for rent on a monthly basis allowing anyone to use the facilities, not just those associated with UIC.  They will also offer programming and educational seminars, taught by industry experts in diverse topics, such as navigating the regulatory process for drugs or raising investment capital.
A biomedical center is also planned to open in early 2014 in Chicago’s downtown area. While the exact location has not yet been determined, the plan includes a 25,000 square foot space focusing on bringing investors, industry representatives, and entrepreneurs together. The center will also be used for workshops and mentoring, and as a place where universities and companies can exchange ideas.
Chicago seems to be continuing its efforts to facilitate new and creative innovations – we just hope that the “next great technology” is by one of our neighbors!

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