Phonebloks: The Lego Style Smart Phone

How many times has only one part of your phone been damaged, requiring you to get a whole new phone? If your camera or speakers break, you’re forced to buy a new phone even if everything else still works. Dave Hakkens’ new invention may be the answer to this annoying problem. Hakkens’ Phonebloks is a cellular phone with removable parts – think Legos.

Phonebloks has detachable components on both the front and back of the device. These parts can be upgraded or replaced individually allowing the user to pay for only the part they may need. The device is held together by a pegboard style case. The pieces fit into this case with a replaceable screen that is mounted on the front.

The device also allows users to customize their phone specific to the way they plan use it. Want to be a photographer? Get a high resolution camera. Music obsessed? How about a larger storage block so you can store thousands of songs? Users can also create their own blocks since the platform will be built on open software.

Since Hakkens put the video for Phonebloks on YouTube on Tuesday, the internet community has exploded with support for his idea. He plans to use a service called Thunderclap to send out messages on Facebook and Twitter about the phone. Already over 81,000 people have already signed up to help spread the word, showing that this idea might change the way we use and replace smart phones.

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