Disney Treasures Come Home to Chicago

Disney is beloved by all, young and old, and right now the Museum of Science and Industry has the “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives” on display. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, so it only makes sense that the celebration of his life and work would take place here as well.
The exhibit starts with Disney’s birth on the South Side, in 1901 and carries on after his death in 1966 – proving that he has truly created a legacy. Johnny Depp’s pirate costume is on display from Pirates of the Caribbean, and for older Disney fans take a peek at the original Mickey Mouse watch!
Disney didn’t just make movies, he revolutionized the industry. Snow White, the first color animation feature was a huge gamble which paid off with millions at the box office. His company invented the multi plane camera, allowing for a more efficient depth of field. Disney was also an early user of the new media of Television with The Wonderful World of Disney becoming a Sunday night staple.
Chicagoans young and old can enjoy the exhibit, and if you’re not from Chicago, it’s worth the trip to see some of Disney’s treasures!

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