Underground Escapes: Cave Hotels

Usually people want a room with a view and hotels often highlight their beautiful views. These hotels however, are unique in that they don’t have windows or a view, but still offer great stays!

The Locanda di San Martino Hotel e Therme in Matera, Italy is a gorgeous hotel and spa that brings to mind the baths of Ancient Rome. It was carved out of limestone rock thousands of years ago, and has hydro massage and many other spa treatments to reduce stress. The hotel is also located at the center of Matera’s historical district.
The Argos in Capadocia in Turkey is a 53 room underground hotel complex. Rooms are connected by tunnels and they are said to have been inhabited by ancient Christians and Monks. Some of the rooms are outside of ethereal underground pools – this combined with the unique rock formations makes the hotel seem like something out of a fairy tale. There is also a vineyard on the property meaning there is no shortage of people looking to drink some wine and stay underground.

The Grand Canyon’s Cavern is a unique hotel with history. It is so far underground that during the Cuban Missile crisis President Kennedy used it for a bomb shelter. Today however, guests can stay in one of the hotel’s 48 rooms – so deep underground and missing natural light that no animals live down there at all. Because of the limestone the air is virtually moisture free, making it the largest dry cavern in the U.S.

While these hotels aren’t for the claustrophobic – if you’re looking for a change of pace, a cave hotel might be just right for you.

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