Secluded Hotels

In today’s fast paced world sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Why not try a hotel that helps you escape and unwind? We found a few hotels secluded from the outside world, and while some may be hard to get to they just might be the key to relaxation and retreat from your busy life.
The Green Magic resort in Kerala, India is a childhood dream come to life as the hotel consists of multiple tree houses. Hanging bridges connect the tree houses – some of which are as high 115 feet above the ground. For the less adventurous guests there are some properties on ground level.  Access to the tree houses is via a cane lift which resembles a giant bird cage.
Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is all in the name – the property literally lets you stay under the sea. Guests have to scuba dive through a beautiful lagoon filled with tropical fish and jellyfish in order to get to the hotel. Your baggage follows behind you – but don’t worry it’s placed in water proof suitcases. 
The Tikichik Narrows Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska is 300 miles away from the nearest road system making it accessible only by seaplane. The lodge employs four full time pilots to fly guests from Dillingham, Alaska to the resort and back. Once guests arrive they can enjoy freshwater fishing or take a guided tour in the Alaskan wilderness to view Grizzly Bears.
   Tikchik Narrows Lodge, Luxury Hotel, Bristol Bay, Alaska wallpapers
Are you dreaming up your next getaway yet?

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