Chicago Marathon 2013

The Chicago Marathon is Chicago’s biggest running event and it will take place this Sunday, October 13th. Athletes from around the globe come to our city to test their skills in the grueling 28 mile race. The Chicago Marathon is a much loved Chicago tradition, and this year marks the event’s 36th anniversary. 
While excitement for the Chicago Marathon is readily seen throughout the city, security efforts and restrictions weigh heavily on the event as it will be the first marathon since the Boston Marathon bombings. Security measures require runners to put personal items in clear plastic bags and spectators are no longer able to gather at the start or finish lines. 

For many participants completing this marathon is an incredible accomplishment. And for those of us who let others do the running for them spectator maps give a glimpse of just what an achievement the marathon is. Events like the Chicago Marathon allow for the whole country to unite and be a part of something. And that’s why it will always be popular – it allows people to be a part of something bigger than themselves, whether as a spectator or a runner. So for the runners this Sunday, we’ll be cheering for you!

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