Unbreakable Smart Phones

Imagine never having to worry about cracking your smart phone’s screen again – Samsung’s new technology may allow for just that. Samsung has created a flexible smart phone screen, enabling the phone to bend, and ultimately making it virtually unbreakable. This phone features a 6 inch display and could usher in a new era of innovation for smart phones. Bendable technology could be utilized in so many ways within the mobile phone marketplace. Just think – your phone could now fit into virtually any pocket, ah the possibilities!
The product is still in the early stages and companies are working to determine how to mass produce it cheaply while also establishing ways to make the screen heat and water resistant. This type of technology has already proven successful in the technology field – TVs from both Samsung and LG have used a similar type of technology. 
In the smart phone market innovation is imperative – bring on the next best thing or risk sitting on the sidelines. We’re thinking this is something that may just be what the ever-changing, always-upgrading, world of mobile phones may need!  

For more information please visit http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/08/tech/mobile/lg-flexible-display/index.html

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