Going Green in 2013

Going green is a popular topic these days – everyone from celebrities to Fortune 500 companies are trying to be more eco-friendly. Many hotels are starting to realize that they can go green, make a profit, and improve their guests’ stays at the same time. Eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean roughing it in a tent in the woods. It’s possible to operate a luxury hotel and care about the environment simultaneously. Let’s take a look at a few hotels that are doing just that…
The Crosby Hotel in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood, is both eco-friendly and luxurious. It focuses on sustainability – with a rooftop garden the chefs use fresh produce and the garden also reduces heating and cooling costs. They also used local materials when constructing the hotel and use eco-friendly cleaning products. 
The Element Las Vegas in Summerlin, Nevada focuses on eco-friendly policies throughout the hotel. They have in room recycling bins, special parking spots with charging stations for hybrid cars, and energy efficient light bulbs. 
The Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica provides gourmet dining, morning yoga, Cliffside lounges, and a spa while still being eco-friendly. They have solar water heaters and water saving faucets. This hotel takes eco-friendly one step further as the buildings emerge from volcanic rock cliffs. 
Aranas Del Mar in Costa Rica seamlessly combines luxury with going green. It features some of the nicest rooms in the city. This hotel shows it cares about the native ecosystem as they had researchers study surrounding wildlife before building the hotel so they would not disrupt their habitats. They also use solar panels, a non-chlorine cleaning system in their pools, and have an innovative underground electricity system all proving their commitment to going green.
All of these hotels prove that going green can be part of a successful business model. For more information please visit http://blog.oyster.com/5-gorgeous-eco-friendly-hotels-43756/

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