Boutique Hotels: Little Gems in Big Cities

Boutique hotels are a new trend popping up in big cities. They are smaller hotels, which means the focus is more on each individual guest. They’re more intimate and homey, like a home away from home. This draws guests who just want a more individual experience.

The Villa di Citta, in Lincoln Park, Chicago is a cozy six bedroom hotel with an outdoor whirlpool, sundeck, and a gorgeous brick courtyard with a barbecue. It has a large communal kitchen so you can get to know your fellow guests while cooking delicious food. All of the suites also have huge flat screen TVs and beautiful hard wood floors.
Chicago Bed and Breakfast, IL
The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada is set in the art and design district, making it trendy and hip. It has colorful decor and rooms are warm and modern with large flat screen TVs and iPod docks. It is definitely aimed towards a younger crowd as it features an exciting night club.
The Hotel Apostrophe Rive Gauche is very unique as its exterior is painted to look like a tree, which makes it stand out from the many hotels in Paris. The inside is equally as artsy with 16 rooms – each featuring a different theme. The Musique room, for example, has a music note mural on the wall. The rooms are very modern and feature flat screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and iPod docks.
Hotels like these are proving that you don’t have to be a big name in the hotel industry to provide great service in a fun and unique way. Who knows, one of these hotel brands could be the next Hilton.

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