iOS 7: Apple’s Biggest Change

Apple announced the release of two new iPhones last week, but that may not be Apple’s most exciting news this month. Apple’s new operating system iOS 7 is one of the biggest changes we’ve seen to iPhones in a while. 

Previous iOS updates always look slightly different than its predecessors, but iOS 7 makes it seem like a whole new phone. Apps on the new interface appear more flat and modern as opposed to the previous design where the icons for certain apps looked like real life objects. There are also various swipe gestures that make it simple and convenient to locate the most commonly used apps and settings.
This seems like the next big step for Apple as new features in iOS 7 eliminate the need to use non Apple apps like Pandora or Instagram since the new update offers streaming iTunes Radio and camera filters. With every new iPhone comes a new software update, but iOS 7 is the most drastically different one we have seen yet.

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