Today’s Trendy Hotels

What’s trendy and popular is always changing; fashion trends, tech trends and even trends within hospitality. Check out three hotels that all cater to the celebrity lifestyle, which means glamorous suites with great amenities!
Trump Soho in New York City is one of our favorites. This property has a hip, young vibe, combined with the great service you would expect from a Trump hotel. Paparazzi often camp out outside of its doors hoping to snap a photo of anyone from the Kardashians to Jessica Alba, all of whom frequent this hotel. It also has a luxurious spa and an outdoor pool, which is open seasonally. The Japanese restaurant Koi, inside the Trump, features some of the best chefs in the country, and is also a celebrity hot spot.
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles is one of the most famous hotels in a town filled with famous buildings and celebrities. It combines the glamour of Old Hollywood, with the modern scene of today’s Hollywood, featuring multiple bars clustered around a huge pool. They also have a delicious casual restaurant open 24 hours. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Robert Pattinson have been seen here, and it remains a spot for those who want to be seen.
The Hotel Belliago in Las Vegas is basically the epitome of Vegas luxury and draws celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. It features a five pool courtyard, formal room service, indoor botanical gardens, a buffet that has been called the best on the strip, and a superb fitness center and spa. Since this is Vegas, it also has its own nightclub.
Everyone wants to live like a celebrity and these hotels can help you do it, but you should act fast because who knows what the popular and trendy hotels of tomorrow will be!

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