Hotel Suites Fit for a King or Queen

Everyone wants to feel like a V.I.P and these glamorous hotels that have everything from personal chefs to four foot chandeliers and breathtaking views allow people to do just that. These hotels come with a royally big price tag though, as the most expensive costs $40,000 a night.

The Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel in New York was designed by architects I.M Pei and Peter Marino and is on the 52nd floor. It offers an incredible view of the New York skyline from four glass balconies. The suite features mother of pearl inlet walls, 22k gold fabrics, a four foot chandelier, a bronze adorned library complete with a grand piano, and a stunning indoor to outdoor Zen garden with a floor to ceiling waterfall. A personal trainer and a Rolls Royce chauffeur are always there to complete the experience, which for starting at $40,000 a night should be expected.

The Casa Five suite at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain in Arizona features panoramic views of Camelback Mountain and Paradise Valley. Guests who book this suite get five bedrooms and a sprawling outdoor patio, which features a hot tub, plush seating, and a fire pit – perfect for curling up around at the end of a long day. A chauffeur will drive you to the local farmers market and help you select food, which personal chefs then cook up a gourmet meal complete with wine pairings. And from $3,500 a night this hotel is a steal compared to the Ty Warner Penthouse.


The Penthouse at The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel is a 6,000 square foot penthouse which spans the entire 8th floor and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. The two story library has a secret passageway and a dome which looks like the night sky with constellations painted in gold leaf. At $15,000 a night, The Fairmont is pricey, but still not as expensive as the first hotel we mentioned. 

These hotels offer glamour and the chance to live like a king, which is why over the top hotels will always appeal to guests.
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