Chicago’s Tech Startup Scene

When people think of new technology Silicone Valley comes to mind, but Chicago has a growing tech startup scene as well. This is no surprise as Chicago is the fourth largest technology region in the U.S. Who knows, the next big thing could come from Chicago!
Rate Your Seats is a new startup founded by Keith Hanson which allows users of the site to see what the view from their seats at sporting events would look like before they buy tickets. You can simply set your seat preferences and it will find you the best ticket available. Users submit photos and reviews so you can know exactly where you are sitting. As the company is becoming more popular, they recently have released an app to make sharing photos and reviews easier from cell phones.
Another new startup founded in Chicago is Review Trackers. This company makes it easy for businesses to monitor online reviews from various sites all in one central location. Review Trackers takes all the hassle out of looking at customer reviews on each individual website.
 Many successful tech companies have started in Chicago – it’s even where YouTube began! What new startups do you think will arise from one of the best cities?

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