Touch Screens Anywhere

Imagine being able to turn any surface into a touch screen almost instantly, new technology can allow you to do just that. Picture Tom Cruise in Minority Report pulling up information with a swipe of his finger – that could be you.
New software developed by Microsoft and Ubi Interactive allows users to project their screen onto any surface. The best part is touching the projected image allows you to control whatever is on the screen! Microsoft’s Kinect technology allows this to work on tables, walls, or panes of glass. All you need to do is run the software on any PC and connect it to a projector and Kinect sensor.
This New Software Lets You Turn Any Surface Into a Touch Screen
Having the ability to turn any screen into a touch screen eliminates the need for screen hardware, and allows for businesses to do things such as display interactive product information after hours. Another advantage is you can use this technology with products you already own, such as a PC. Consumers would also need to purchase an Xbox Kinect sensor. The technology itself can cost anywhere from $149 to $1,499 depending on if you want to use it for personal or business use.
This futuristic technology which previously was only seen in movies has become a real life business technology. It seems as if the ability to turn any screen into a touch screen is one many businesses would want so this technology should be here to stay.

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