Hostels Reinvented: The New Trend of Upscale Hostels

When you think of a hostel, upscale generally isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Hostels have been associated with low cost, low amenities, and being geared towards college students and backpackers. However, new hostels are popping up around the globe that are looking to change those generalizations. The hostels of today are still budget priced, but offer much more in the way of amenities.
The Blue Hostel, a recently renovated hostel in Rome, Italy is close to the Coliseum and Termini Station. It is also located inside an 18 century building with parquet floors and beautiful wood ceilings. It offers hotel level features such as Wi-Fi, minibars, and flat screen TVs for only $59 a night. A bonus feature they offer is maps of Rome, which have local dining suggestions.
Equity Point Marrakech Hostel, in Marrakech Morocco is a gorgeously decorated riad (a traditional Moroccan house characterized by an inner courtyard). They offer dorm style rooms with 8 – 10 beds or double and single rooms. There is also internet access and a bar and offer free traditional Moroccan breakfast all for only $13 a night.
The Getaway Hostel, in the beautiful city of Chicago is a short walk from many of Chicago’s beaches and offers both dorm style and individual rooms. It has a large gourmet kitchen and an outdoor patio, and many of the rooms offer private bathrooms. Continental breakfast is served daily and free Wi-Fi and computers, as well as guitars are offered to guests. They also cater to guests who want to see the city, with bar crawls, barbecues, and blues club tours.

The new trend in hostels seems to be blending the amenities of a nice hotel with the budget consciousness of a hostel. Only time will tell if it will be a smart business strategy, but in the meantime it’s a great time to be a traveler!  

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