The Future of Personal Security is Here

Want to protect your personal information and feel like James Bond? Fingerprint scanners, which are a staple of spy and sci-fi movies, are making their way into smart phones. Having to type a pass code to unlock your phone will soon be a thing of the past.
As people anticipate the next iPhone, recent news on the latest version shows that it will allow you to unlock your phone by placing your finger on the home button. This would be possible through a biometric sensor in the phone after registering your fingerprints with the device. Simply using your fingerprint to unlock your phone would be a lot more convenient and faster than having to type in a pass code and would also eliminate the chance of forgetting it and being locked out of your phone.
Another app designed to enhance smart phone security is “Step away from the phone.” Once the app is opened, the user has five seconds to put the phone down as a life-like car alarm will sound if touched. The screen will also turn black so it appears as if the device is not in use. Pressing the home button on the phone will exit out of the app, but someone trying to steal your phone may not have time to figure that out since the app will say “please step away from the phone.” This would certainly grab your attention if someone tries to steal your phone.

With people storing so much personal information on their phones nowadays, an anti-theft app would be a smart idea. Would you use either of these apps to prevent your phone from being stolen?

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