Historic Hotels

Hotels can be successful for many reasons – one reason that has been receiving attention lately is historical significance. Let’s take a look at a few hotels that not only have great service and features, but historical value as well…
In Washington, the Willard InterContinental has been the place to stay for various U.S presidents as it is located very close to the White House. This hotel was recently included in the Historic Hotels of America Network.
The Grand on Mackinac Island in Michigan is a throwback to earlier times. Mackinac Island itself offers multiple reasons to stay with its various quaint shops. Cars are forbidden as horse drawn carriages and bicycles are used as the preferred form of transportation. The Grand offers the perfect combination of modern amenities and old fashioned charm. It also features the world’s longest porch where guests can simply relax with great scenic views of the island.
The Drake Hotel is located at the beginning of Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile. The hotel is modeled after Italian Renaissance palaces and has great views of Lake Michigan. It has been featured in a few movies, such as The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, and My Best Friend’s Wedding.
The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL - Front Exterior

Hotels with historical significance will always be profitable because people like to feel as if they are a part of history. In 100 years who knows what hotels will be a historical landmark – it may even be a hotel you have stayed at. 

To look at more historic hotels please visit http://travel.yahoo.com/blogs/compass/grand-hotels-blend-history-luxury-223253760.html

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