Pop-Up Hotels

Hotels have traditionally been built to last a long time, and why wouldn’t they be? Building a new one is expensive. However a recent trend of pop-up hotels is showing up everywhere.
The first pop-up hotel was launched at England’s biggest music festival, Glastonbury, two years ago. The Pop-Up Hotel started with 20 tents, but has grown to 130 tents, which were completely booked this year. Tents feature concierge service and guests are often offered tickets for nearby events.
Snoozebox is another company that has capitalized on this new trend. They set up hotel rooms in shipping containers so they are easy to transport. These were used at the London Olympics to create room for more guests. Snoozebox rooms have an advantage over the tents at The Pop-Up Hotel because they can be climate controlled.
This concept could prove to be very useful in big cities – think how convenient it would be if there were hotels that only popped up for big events, such as annual festivals. Pop-up hotels have potential if they are utilized correctly, but only time will tell if these temporary hotels are a lasting trend.

For more information on pop-up hotels please visit http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/01/travel/pop-up-hotels/index.html?hpt=tr_c2

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