Room with a View: Hotels around the World

The view can be a crucial part of the guest experience; many hotels have capitalized on this, especially ones next to iconic landmarks. Let’s take a look at a few hotel rooms with one-of-a-kind views…
The Park Hyatt in Sydney Australia offers rooms with private balconies that look out onto the famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Guests can also get a great view of fireworks and festivals from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.
From the Shangri-La Paris you can see the Eiffel Tower and Paris skyline. While it is a smaller hotel, a majority of the rooms allow guests to directly view the Eiffel Tower. The property is also within walking distance of the Guimet Museum, home to one of the largest collections of Asian art.
The Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel right next to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Guests also have exclusive access before crowds of tourists visit, allowing them to take in breathtaking views of the ruins, mountains, and jungle.

Trends come and go, but people will always want a hotel with an amazing view – at least we think so!

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