Pod Hotels: The Newest Destination for Millennials

Today’s 20-somethings have been raised on technology and it is an integral part of their lives. Pod hotels, which have less space, but state of the art features, cater to this group.
Pod 39 offers unique and affordable accommodations in New York City. These rooms appeal to groups since they offer bunk beds. The bathrooms feature an electronic display that notifies you if someone is in it. Pod 39 also offers an indoor/outdoor garden café and a rooftop deck so guests can socialize. 
Minute Suites is conveniently located in the Atlanta International Airport so you can catch up on sleep while you’re waiting for your flight. Each suite offers a daybed sofa, pillows, and blankets and is designed to neutralize noise. If you don’t necessarily want to take a nap, but want a quiet space to work, the suites also offer a desk and office chair.
NiteNite Hotel is located in Birmingham, England nearby popular museums, restaurants, and stores. Just because the rooms are small, doesn’t mean guests have to sacrifice technology. All rooms have plasma TVs and free Wi-Fi with access to computers being offered in the lobby.

By combining the latest technology with a lower price point, pod hotels may have created an irresistible travel destination for millennials. Do you think these unique hotels can compete with traditional hotels?

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