Great Gatsby Inspired Hotel Rooms

With the release of the highly anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby, hotels are offering guests a chance to relive the elegance and decadence of the roaring twenties. From elaborately decorated suites to jazz music – there is sure to be something for every Gatsby fan. Let’s take a look at a few Gatsby themed hotel rooms and packages…

The New York Plaza Hotel, which is the setting for one of the scenes in the 2013 version of the movie, offers guests 1920s themed brunches, a display of the costumes from the movie, and a live jazz band. It also features a 900 square foot Fitzgerald Suite filled with art deco furnishings – named after the novel’s author Scott Fitzgerald, who was a frequent guest.
The Vanderbilt Grace in Newport, Rhode Island commemorates the Gatsby era by offering a two night Great Gatsby package that includes tickets to iconic mansions in the area, dinner at a restaurant featuring a meal from a menu used in the 1920s, and a sunset cruise. One of the mansions is the famed Rosecliff Manor, which was used for Gatsby’s home in the 1974 version of the movie with most of the movie being filmed in Newport.

The Wilcox in Aiken, South Carolina is offering Gatsby themed events throughout May including parties with jazz music and cocktails named after Fitzgerald’s characters. The Wilcox uniquely has a connection to the Great Gatsby in its history. The Hitchcock family helped finance the building and the son Tommy Hitchcock was who Fitzgerald modeled his character Tom Buchanan after.
With these hotels you can experience Gatsby’s lifestyle for yourself and enjoy top of the line service. Which of these hotels do you think offers the most Gatsby inspired experience?

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