Travel in the Windy City

With the city being crowded on any given day, driving in Chicago can be a hassle. The CTA provides a simple way to get wherever you need to go with multiple train lines and bus routes- the red line being one of the most convenient. Here are a few interesting facts about the Red Line’s history…

1. The section of the Red Line that will be undergoing construction opened on September 28, 1969.
2. Back in 1969, trains on this line would run express saving riders time on their commutes, but now a majority of the stops south of Roosevelt are considered slow zones with the trains running under 15 mph.
3. The north and south stops on the Red Line weren’t connected into one route until 1993.
4. This is the first time the CTA will be closing multiple stops for construction since 1994.
With the CTA Red Line trains running from Howard on the north side to 95th/Dan Ryan on the south side, the City of Chicago is working on making improvements to the Red Line stops beginning Sunday until October 19, 2013. While this means all the stations south of the Roosevelt stop will be closed, these improvements will shorten commutes and improve the existing stations.
Just thought we would show some Chicago love since it’s Friday!

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