Tech Hotspots Around The World

When you think of areas with a large amount of tech companies, obviously Silicon Valley and L.A stand out, but surprising new cities are emerging as technological hot spots. From Amsterdam to India, new and exciting cities are where tomorrow’s technological advances seem to be coming from.

Amsterdam attracts startup companies because it offers lower taxes and a lower cost of living, while also having gorgeous scenery and a creative, open lifestyle to encouraging innovation. STIKK, an app that connects local startups with founders and entrepreneurs from around the world is one such company that has emerged in Amsterdam. 
Bogota, Columbia draws in new businesses possibly due to the limited amount of paperwork that is required. Paperwork can weigh down a startup for months or even years in other countries. While Columbia may be a difficult place to find venture capital it seems to be an attractive place for startup businesses and investors. Bogota’s active chamber of commerce provides free training to young entrepreneurs – talk about a deal!
Bangalore, India has an advantage due to its sheer size. With 700 hundred million people under the age of 30 there is no doubt in our minds that several brilliant ideas and businesses will be born from this location. Just last month they hosted the Startup Festival India, which connects startups to investors all around India. Bangalore is also getting international attention as well – a group of overseas investors has launched the Kyron Accelerator program, which aims to fund 500 startups within the next five years!
In today’s increasingly globalized market, it makes sense that the next big thing will happen on a worldwide scale. Countries all over the world are inventing new and exciting technology every day, and the only question now is what’s next?

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