Vacationing in Tree-House Hotels

Remember when you were a kid and used to spend long summer nights in a tree-house with your friends? Well several hotels are starting to offer that experience, but with infinity pools and fireplaces instead of wooden planks and pillows. Tree-house hotels offer a unique experience for the traveler who wants to step outside of their comfort zone, and spend a night under the stars.

The Treehotel in Harads, Sweden has five unique rooftop suites; one which looks like it’s made up of Lego bricks, one that appears to be a bird’s nest, and a suite with a mirrored exterior that reflects the forest on all sides. Guests can access the property through electric stairs, a ramp or a bridge. During the summer the Treehotel offers fishing and kayaking and during the winter guests can take in the famed Northern Lights.

The Tsala Treetop Lodge in Plattenberg Bay, South Africa overlooks the Tsitsikamma Forest, and features ten different tree-house suites. Each one features an infinity pool leading into the ocean, floor to ceiling bedroom windows, and private decks. Access to the property is provided by exquisite wooden walkways. Travelers can relax on the beach or simply enjoy the view.

 Chewton Glen, Hampshire United Kingdom has six spacious tree-houses, each with two private suites, and is located just outside of New Forest National Park. Floor to ceiling windows offer amazing views and the spacious outdoor terrace features a hot tub and day beds. The floors are made of timber and marble, and are heated to provide a cozy feeling. In the morning guests can wake up to breakfast created by a gourmet chef and delivered straight to their tree-house.

Tree- house hotels seem to be a growing market- they offer novelty and nostalgia, appealing to both younger and older travelers. By mixing the novelty of nature and rustic surroundings with gourmet chefs and top of the line suites, hotels may have stumbled upon the next big thing! 

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