Perks of using “The Cloud”

Cloud storage allows you to store important documents or files online. Using this can benefit your business in many ways by streamlining the process of saving and uploading files. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using the cloud…

Accessibility: You simply upload your files online using cloud computing apps, such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Dropbox. Once your documents are stored on the cloud, you can instantly access them from any device and share them with others. Since the cloud makes it easy to directly upload your files online, you no longer have to email files to yourself. It also eliminates the need for a flash drive.
Security: If you lose your laptop or tablet, all of your important files will already be backed up online. Losing or having your device stolen is stressful enough, but using the cloud can at least give you peace of mind. This is especially valuable if you have important company files stored on your device.
More memory for less: Buying external hard drives can be pricey, but since the cloud allows you to save everything online there is no longer a need for that. It also means you can save money on future purchases by getting a device with less memory, since so much can be stored online.
Overall, cloud storage can be very useful and is simple to use.

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