Secluded European Destinations

When traveling to Europe there are the common attractions and cities tourists like to visit, but what about going somewhere new? Here are a few little known about, but exciting travel spots.

The Matarranya Region in Southern Aragon, Spain is filled with rivers, mountains, and vineyards. One can go for a peaceful bike ride through the mountains. A notable place to visit here is a 15th century palace, Hotel Torre del Visco.


Ile de Noirmoutier, France is known for its beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coast and diverse wildlife. It is a great place to go sightseeing as you can walk or ride a bike through the multiple villages on the island. 

Lodz, Poland is a lively town with its 19th century industrial center, Manufaktura, now featuring museums, shops, and cinemas. It is home to Hollylodz, an international film school with Oscar winning alumni. The Museum of Art also has the most extensive collection of Polish art.
Ikaria, Greece is known for being one of the geographic regions around the world where residents have the highest life expectancy (1 in 3 residents of this region lives over 90). This remote, small village provides an escape from the fast paced world of the tourist filled cities in Greece. In addition to swimming in the crystal clear, blue water, visitors can attend the popular Icarus Festival in the summer that has musicians and singers from around the world.
Which of these cities do you think would provide the most fascinating, new travel experience?
 For more hidden, but exciting European destinations please visit

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