Tablets: A Must for Hotels

When tablets made their debut a few years ago it seemed that their primary use would be for surfing the web, reading books, watching movies, and playing games. However, now that they have more advanced features and capabilities, hotels are utilizing tablets to revolutionize the modern hotel guest experience.
Traditionally, Concierges stored information regarding nearby entertainment and restaurants in manuals or binders. Through the use of tablets such as iPads, hotels have begun to store this information as well as restaurant menus and local events electronically. 
Aside from informational storage hotels are also utilizing tablets in ways that enhance a guest’s hotel experience. For example, InterContinental Hotels use the YouTube app on iPads as a way of providing guests with a step by step video on how to use the tablets to access information. The hotel brand also provides Skype and Face Time as a way that guests can communicate directly with hotel staff should they have any questions.
Sheraton Hotels is another brand jumping on the tablet bandwagon. They have partnered with Microsoft to bring PixelSense to hotel lobbies. PixelSense resembles a normal coffee table, but has a large touch screen display resembling a large tablet type screen. Through PixelSense guests can find area attractions, interact with other hotel guests, or play games.
And just when you thought tablets could only be used by hotels as informational tools, Citizen M Hotels in New York and London are currently testing MoodPad controllers as a way for guests to personalize their hotel rooms. The MoodPad is a small device that allows guests to change the room lighting, play music, control the temperature, open the blinds, control the TV and the list goes on.
Well there you have it – it seems to us that tablets are on the verge of being a standard amenity in properties worldwide. Which of these uses for tablets would you find most innovative and useful during your next hotel stay?

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