Top Tech Hotels

In the increasingly competitive hotel market, hotels need to have the latest and greatest technology in order to stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the most technologically advanced hotels.

Citizen M, New York: Here guests can check themselves in with touch screen computers. Once they enter their rooms,guests can customize their stay with an electronic mood pad that allows them to change the color of the lighting, music, digital art on the TV, and even select mood enhanced wake up calls. 
Kimpton’s EPIC Hotel, Miami:In addition to standard technology features, all guestrooms are equipped with desktop PCs that include Microsoft office and printer connectivity. Hanging privacy signs on guestroom doors are a thing of the past through the use of notification devices, allowing guests to simply press a “do not disturb” button or by calling housekeeping.

Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas: This hotel has Control 4 technology, which can detect when a guest walks in the door and addresses them by their name. The room itself can also turn on the lights, change the temperature, and open the curtains. And instead of having to swipe a traditional keycard to access your room, this hotel has radio frequency identification data cards which sense when you’re near your room and will unlock the door for you. Talk about hands free!
The Wit Hotel, Chicago: An IP infrastructure system throughout the hotel allows for better service – requests from guests are sent to staff members’ mobile devices. Guest rooms have sensor activated climate controls that can detect guests’ location within the room and adjust it to their body heat. Rooms also have VoIP touch screen phones (a little Percipia Networks shout out), which enhance guests’ stays by allowing them to easily request room service or access their flight information.
Many hotels are now looking for more innovative amenities and services to offer their guests. All of these hotels have cutting edge technologies, but which one appeals to you the most?

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